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Technical specifications and fixing instructions

  • Double interlocking flat tile.
  • Laid with bonded joints or straight bonded
  • Double side and head interlocking
  • Two holding nibs
  • One nail hole (pre-drilled 4.8 mm)

Tile must be laid in strict accordance with standard codes of practice. Failure to do so will invalidate all guarantees.

  • Minimum pitch: 22 deg
  • Weight:  3 kg
  • Tiles per sqm: 14.5
  • Colours: Tudor Brown, Flamed Red, Natural Red
  • Colour Shade mixing: Cote de nuits tiles vary slightly from each other. Therefore the roofs never have a monochrome appearance. An experienced roofer, with his professional expertise will now how to mix them to obtain a harmonious effect.
Gauge Width Tiles per sq. m. Tiles per Metre length Approx. weight per sqm (kg) Batten length per sqm
Vertical Horizontal
345 mm 200 mm 14.5 2.89 5 43.5 2.89



This subtle, natural shade is obtained by a through colour process, and gives excellent results in any application involving cut tiles. It makes an ideal, versatile solution for special roof designs.


By adding flamed effects, Lambert has developed a new market standard in this colour range, with a rich, polished texture that harmonizes well with both old and renovated neighboring roof structures.


The warm orange-red glow of natural burgundy clay gives new roofs a bright, luminous, welcoming appearance.