A fine traditional tile for historical monuments and prestige buildings


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Technical specifications and fixing instructions

  • Shingle tile:
  • Cambered
  • Irregular edges
  • A tile perfectly suited to properties of style and character
  • Two nibs
  • Two nail holes (pre-drilled 5mm)
  • Thickness: 15mm

Tile must be laid in strict accordance with standard codes of practice. Failure to do so will invalidate all guarantee

  • Minimum pitch: 35 deg
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Colours:
    Heather, Straw, Dark Antique, Purple (all with wide random-mix shade variations)
  • Colour shade mixing:
    Priory tiles varies slightly from each other. This is why the completed roofs never have a monochrome appearance. An experienced roofer, with his professional expertise will know how to mix them to obtain a harmonious effect.
Gauge Lap Tiles per sq. m. Tiles per meter length Approx. weight per sq. m. (kg) Batten length per sq. m.
Vertical Horizontal
100 mm 70 mm 59 10 5.9 76 10
95 mm 80 mm 62 10.5 5.9 80 10.5
90 mm 90 mm 65 11 5.9 84 11



Natural shade variations range from bright red to the deep red of naturally aged tiles, in a subtle mix that ensures a new roof will integrate harmoniously into its environment. Tiles in all pallets are randomly premixed for an even overall effect.


With pale tones recalling old clay roofs this tile covers a shade mix ranging from pink through to yellow, for a delightfully rustic craftsman’s touch that bears the unmistakable signature of Tuiles Lambert.

Dark Antique

Shades vary naturally between grey and black, evoking the weather polished finish of fine old roofs. Using a special random colouring process, Lambert has created an original dark coloured tile that offers a perfect match to local architectures in several regions.


With this tile, Lambert further explores the red range for an even richer effect. The colour mix offers naturally varying shades among deep, warm tones that harmonize ideally with fine old buildings.